Shadows Tall

November 2010

  1. Johnnie O’ Braidisley’s
  2. Trooper And The Maid
  3. The King’s Shilling
  4. Buttermilk Hill
  5. Alexander
  6. The Lost Licht
  7. The Giant’s Set
  8. Scarborough Settler’s Lament / O’ A’ The Airts
  9. Blyth, Blyth / Thorsvore
  10. Who Will Sing Me Lullabies / Sleepy Laddie
  11. The Great Valerio / Sky High

In a Bleeze

August 2008

  1. Burning Of Auchendoon
  2. Pint Of Wine
  3. Mad Tom Of Bedlam
  4. Time Wears Awa
  5. Midlothian Miners Set
  6. Familiar Faces
  7. Edward
  8. Saints And Sinners
  9. Goodbye To The Sea And Sailors
  10. Three Sailors
  11. Lord Franklin Set
  12. Fardach Na Pioba
  13. The Parting Glass

A mix of traditional song classics, contemporary songs and instrumental sets. The Parting Glass is a live BBC recording from the girls’ Folk Award-winning performance at The Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. Contemporary songs include Saints And Sinners (David Francey), Goodbye To The Sea And Sailors (Phamie Gow) and Three Sailors (Michael Pentergast). Jeana has contributed two tunes and Siobhan one song.

Featuring Innes Watson (guitar), Lorne MacDougall (pipes, whistle), Martin O’Neill (bodhran), Brian McNeill (concertina), Davie Henderson (djembe), Brian Miller (guitar) and Kirsteen Miller (backing vocals).


“Saying that Leslie and Miller are wonderful singers with an amazing talent for arranging and harmonies, is a complete understatement. They seem to have an uncanny sense of what will sound beautiful …” Jean Price, The Living Tradition

“….In a Bleeze is a mighty achievement…” Dai Jeffries, Rock Reel Magazine

“In a bleeze, is a thoroughly enjoyable mix of traditional and contemporary tunes.” Sunday Post

“ Their style is fresh, their harmonies excellent and their choice of material for this disc are a good cross section of their repotoire.” Bobby Harvey, Sottish Memories